Velpar L Herbicide - 2.5 Gallons$82.50
Soil-active herbicide controls trees, brush, weeds, and grasses by inhibiting photosynthesis. Can be dispensed onto ground in undiluted form using spot guns for tree or brush control, or in spray form using high/low water volume spray rigs for weed and grass control.

Remedy Ultra Herbicide -1 Gallon $72.60
ideal for the selective brush and small tree control needed for fence line maintenance and pasture regeneration. Remedy Ultra Herbicide is a low residual alternative to bush whacking weeds and brush that will just grow back. Remedy Herbicide has a low environmental impact and just kills the brush you need to get rid of. Remedy herbicide also kills those tough to control perennial broadleaf weeds.

Chemical Sales

Lea SWCD has a Pesticide Dealer License therefor we can sell restricted use pesticides and herbicides.  We keep Remedy and Velpar on hand but can order any restricted chemical. Please bring your applicators  license with you when you come to purchase chemicals.
Lea SWCD is partnered with Bamert Seed out of Muleshoe. They offer a wide variety of native seeds and seed mixes. They will also mix special blends for free. Order through the SWCD and the freight is paid. Follow the link below for complete list of seeds offered. Contact Lea SWCD office to get your order placed.

Native Seeds

Tree Seedlings

The State Forestry Department has a seedling program that they offer in the spring and the fall. They offer over 50 different species to the public. Follow the links below for availability and ordering information.

Fall 2014 Distribution is September 15, 2014 to October 17, 2014

Year Round Tree Sales

  The Lea SWCD has started new partnerships with tree suppliers. Tree sales will now be in 3 times a year.
​ April, June, and September. If you need trees let us know and we will get what you need.

There are two ways to order:
Email us your order at
Or Call the office 575-396-0707

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Conservation District